Writers Wanted for Seattle Date Night

We are opening up our site to new (unpaid) writers today! SDN is barely a year old, and we are working hard to build an audience and name for ourselves in the community, but we need your help. Keeping up a site like this is pretty time consuming, and we would love some assistance and fresh perspectives from people like you.

Our goal is to provide those in the Seattle dating community (meaning anyone who goes on a date, married or single, gay or straight) with the ideas and tools to have the best dates ever. We want you to get the most out of this amazing city with someone who means alot to you.  

There is no time or article commitment from you, just submit when you feel like it - though all submissions are subject to spelling / grammatical editing and approval. 

Typical content:

  • In-depth spotlight on upcoming events (we welcome content from event producers as long as it is written / aimed at the dating community and not strictly advertising).
  • Promotions, including exclusive deals or giveaways for our audience.
  • Ideas for local dates (ideas from businesses must include a deal for our audience) or for date night at home.
  • 'Best of Seattle' content (we are not above lists - in fact, we love them).
  • Reflections or observations of new information in the dating community
  • Sharing your own dating stories, without revealing personal information unless permission given.
  • Dating advice, tips, or observations
  • Weekly column
  • Holiday themed posts or gift ideas
  • Open to any other ideas you may have!



  • No prior writing experience necessary, but posts should be easy to follow and make sense. Again, all submissions are subject to approval. 
  • We will need a first name and last name initial to publish, but it can be any name you wish as long as it is not taken elsewhere. 
  • Content must be aimed at those living in the Greater Seattle Area, though occasionally welcome content within a few hours drive for day trips / getaways.
  • We welcome perspectives from any age, gender, and sexuality and do not discriminate, and will not tolerate hate speech or anything of the kind. 
  • Try to keep the tone of the post positive, and keep the negative reviews on yelp. 
  • All content must be PG rated, no heavily sexual or graphic content and limited cursing.  



  • Submit your draft to seadatenight@gmail.com, or your idea for a post if you would like to discuss beforehand.
  • Please mention if time sensitive & when you would prefer it posted by.
  • One to two photos needed per article, of your own taking, or used with permission, or labeled creative commons for commercial reuse with credit given. I can help obtain if needed.   

While we cannot afford to pay you at this time, you may use me and this site for a reference for future writing opportunities (though I cannot guarantee this site will be up forever, as hosting is expensive, you will always be able to use me).  Let us know if you have any questions about anything. 

Can't wait to hear from you!


Seattle Date Night