Date Like the French: Hot Air Ballooning, Brie, and Champagne

Whether you've been married for twenty years, dating for two, or are on a third date, it's always difficult to devise unique and romantic dates. Restaurants and expensive drinks become mundane, even when frequenting top restaurants like Canlis and The Herbfarm.

Extraordinary dates are well planned, expertly executed, and always incorporate an element of surprise. Your partner will be talking about this date for years to come.

Seattle Date Night's Exclusive Deal: The French Date

Inspired by the invention of the hot air balloon, by the French Montgolfier brothers in 1783. 

Here's what you'll need for your extraordinary date itinerary:

1. Your best horizontal striped shirts
2. A refined wine tasting palate
3. A hot air balloon flight booked for two with Seattle Ballooning

You'll want to arrive at Harvey Field--just 40 minutes North of Seattle--about 15 minutes before sunrise. There, you'll meet your hot air balloon pilot from Seattle Ballooning. After checking you in, the crew chief will hand you a fresh shot of espresso and a delicious chocolate croissant.

Over the next 20 minutes, you'll witness the beautiful colored panels of the hot air balloon come alive, as the fabric slowly lifts into the air. You'll climb inside the basket, the pilot will squeeze the burner, and you'll gently ascend into the sunrise.

You'll feel a special connection to the early French hot air balloon pioneers as you float above the earth with the wind. Beneath you, a flock of geese will launch into the sky, providing the perfect photo with Mount Rainier as a backdrop. 

After skimming the water of the Snohomish River and floating within inches of the tree tops, your pilot will softly set the basket back on the ground.

Following, you'll join the crew and pilot for a French hot air balloon toast. You'll nibble on a spread of delicious cheeses, perfectly ripe fruit, and a fresh baguette. To finish off your experience, the pilot will pull a sword from its sheath and slice the top off a bottle of delectable champagne. 


Once the balloon is packed up and all that remains are crumbs, you might consider extending the date with wine tasting in Woodinville or a French-inspired cheese making class.

There are many wonderful tasting rooms in Woodinville. For a list of tasting rooms open the day of your flight Click Here

After sipping on some reds (or whites), we suggest heading South toward Snoqualmie, where you'll learn how the French have been making cheese since the 1400s. River Valley Cheese provides French-inspired cheese making sessions multiple times per day.

Seattle Ballooning specializes in providing luxury private and semi-private hot air balloon flights in the Snohomish Valley, just 40 minutes North of Seattle. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or just want to take your significant other on an extraordinary date, we've got you covered. 

- Eliav Cohen

THE exclusive hot air balloon deal:

Book online at with the code 'SeattleDateNight', or by calling Seattle Ballooning at (206) 588 - 9788. 

Option 1 includes: 

  • Private Hot Air Balloon flight for 2
  • Champagne toast with brie, baguette, and fruit
  • Croissants or chocolate croissants pre-flight
  • Normal price $1450
  • Seattle Date Night Deal: $950

Option 2 includes:

  • Semi-private hot air balloon flight for 2 (you'll have 1-2 other couples in the basket with you)
  • Champagne toast with brie, baguette, and fruit
  • Normal price $510
  • Seattle Date Night Deal: $400

Fine Print: 

  • Does not include tip or gratuity.
  • Weather dependent. If a flight is canceled due to weather, we will reschedule the flight. 
  • Any discounted flight through using the code 'SeattleDateNight' are final.
  • Expiration: Flight must be used within 12 months of purchase date.
  • Deals are available to purchase through July 2016.
  • If you would like to schedule a sunset flight instead of a sunrise, the cost is an additional $25 per person. You can upgrade by calling Seattle Ballooning.  
  • Seattle Date Night is not responsible for your purchase and satisfaction and will not be liable in any injuries or mishaps.